City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs

Committee Chair:

Councillor McCarthy

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor O'Malley

Committee Members:

Councillors Baker, Jackson, LaMattina

Committee E-mail: 

Committee Description:

Committee on City, Neighborhood Services and Veterans Affairs, which shall concern itself with the delivery of municipal services to the city’s residents and neighborhoods in order to promote improved service delivery and cost reductions with a focus on accessibility, including the activities of and provision of services to residents by communication, energy and water service providers.  The committee shall work to ensure equal and fair access to city services for all residents, regardless of race, color, national origin, national ancestry, language background, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age or disability. The committee shall also concern itself with the city’s programs for veterans and family-based initiatives.  The committee shall concern itself with the infrastructure that facilitates wireless voice and data communications. The committee shall be responsible for monitoring issues arising from utility facilities and operations, and including facility siting, in order to ensure that consumers are provided with the most reliable service, at the lowest possible cost, and that ratepayers' rights are protected under federal, state and local regulations. The committee shall concern itself with hackney and jitney licenses. The committee shall further concern itself with matters relating to motor vehicle parking, including the residential parking program and parking meters and other matters related to parking. The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Inspectional Services Department, Library Department, Office of Neighborhood Services, Public Works Department operations and programming, Transportation Department operations and enforcement, the Edward Ingersoll Browne Fund and the George Robert White Fund, the Boston Water and Sewer Commission, the Office of Cable Communications, Office of the Parking Clerk, Public Improvement Commission, Office of Civil Rights, the Commission for Persons with Disabilities, the Veterans’ Services Department, and the Veterans’ Graves Division of the Parks Department, Office of New Urban Mechanics, and the Department of Innovation and Technology.