City Council Rules - Municipal Years 2016-2017

(Adopted January 13, 2016)

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Meeting Time
Presiding Officer
Appealing a Decision of the Chair
Matters Properly Before Council
Propounding Motions
Deciding Questions
Dividing a Question
Doubting the Vote
Vacating the Chair
Duties of the Clerk
Corrections as to Form
Items of the Same Matter
Removal from the Consent Agenda
Order of Business and Debate
Motions and Orders
Strike and Insert
Remanding Matters to the Mayor
Withdrawal of Motions
Committee Assignment and Action
Calling of Matters in Committee
Matters Placed on File at Year End
Summons of Members
Majority Vote
Absence of Sponsoring Member
Limits of Reconsideration
Two-Thirds majority Required and Second Readings
Adoption of Matters on Day Introduced
Committee Action
Working Sessions
Committee Appointment, Structure, and Role
Committees of the Council
Council Accolades and Remembrances
Conduct in City Council
Order of and Time Limit on Speaking
Conduct of Councilors - Generally
Members of the Public on Council Floor
Use of Handheld Electronic Devices
Staff on Council Floor
Members of the Press on Council Floor
Lobbying Activities
Further Rules, Amendment, and Suspension
Suspension of Rules
Adoption of Rules
Motion to Lay on the Table
Power to Summons