Ways & Means

Committee Chair:

Councillor Ciommo

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor LaMattina

Committee Members:

Councillors Baker, Campbell, , Essaibi-George, Flaherty, O'Malley

Committee E-mail:


Committee Description:

Committee on Ways and Means, which shall exercise general oversight with respect to city revenues and expenditures and all other component units that comprise the government entity, as defined by the Governmental Accounting Standards Board.  The committee may report to the council the cost of implementation of any order, ordinance, program, or other initiative pending before the body, and shall make such report whenever requested by another committee or directed to do so by the council.  The committee shall have referred to it all matters concerning appropriations, the city budget, expenditures and loans.  The committee shall review city policies and actions involving the purchase of financial services, deposits, borrowing, and investment.  The committee shall concern itself with issues related to all city owned or leased facilities.  The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Assessing Department, Auditing Department, the Office of Budget Management, the Treasury Department, and the Boston Finance Commission.