Government Operations

Committee Chair:

Councillor Flaherty

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor Zakim

Committee Members: 

Councillors LaMattina, Linehan, McCarthy, O'Malley, Pressley

Committee E-mail: 

Committee Description:

Committee on Government Operations, which shall concern itself with the organization and structure of city government, including departmental fees and charges.  The committee shall have referred to it all proposed ordinances and special laws affecting the structure, duties and responsibilities of city departments, agencies and commissions.  The committee shall also concern itself with the review of the city’s policy regarding residency for city employees.  The committee shall concern itself with encouraging cooperation between the city and other levels of government to reduce duplicative programs, coordinate efforts to provide services, and present the council's views on matters that have a direct bearing on the council’s business. The committee shall also concern itself with evaluating the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations and programs, and administrative compliance with legislative intent, including administrative regulations of departments, agencies, and programs.  In scheduling hearings and working sessions, the committee will coordinate with the chair of the committee whose jurisdiction covers the policy area discussed in the ordinance or special law.  The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Boston Retirement Board, City Clerk, Election Department, Execution of Courts, Purchasing Department, Health Benefits and Insurance Program, Human Resources Department, Law Department, Medicare Payments, Office of the mayor (except those components assigned to other committees), Pensions and Annuities, Purchasing Division, Residency Compliance Commission, and Workers Compensation Program, Office of Intergovernmental Relations.