Committee Chair:

Councillor Jackson

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor Essaibi-George

Committee Members:

Councillors Flaherty, McCarthy, O'Malley

Committee E-mail: 

Committee Description:

Committee on Education, which shall concern itself with the quality of educational services provided to all school-aged residents by the Boston Public Schools.  The committee shall concern itself with examining the availability of services and programs for families of school-aged children. Further, the committee shall explore developing programs to provide assistance with academics and extracurricular activities for families. The committee shall monitor educational policy, in particular special education, bilingual education, and technical education.  The committee shall work to strengthen cooperation among city and state government, private enterprise, and institutions of higher learning, to provide students with the necessary education, training, and skills for further education and future career opportunities in the new economy.  The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Boston School Department, educational based programs and all other city programs related to education.