How to Have Your Voice Heard

The Boston City Council welcomes public participation through direct contact with the Council offices or through testimony at public hearings of the various City Council committees. We hope that the information below will help you voice your opinions on the issues that matter to you.

To maximize participation, there are several ways your voice can be heard:

In Person

Generally, anyone can come in to City Hall to meet with Councillors or their staff. For the most part, offices are open between 9AM and 5PM (schedules may vary, so please check with the individual office). Where possible, it is helpful to make an appointment in advance. 


Any public testimony or comments can be mailed to the City Councillors through the following common address:
Councillor ___________
Boston City Council
Boston City Hall 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02201
ATTN: Committee on _____________, Docket # (if known) or Topic


You can reach all of the councillors with one simple email address: If you are looking to address your comments to a particular councillor, you will find their individual email addresses on their web page


You can fax all of the City Councillors at (617) 635-4203. Please address the fax to "All Councillors" or to the specific Councillor.

Staying In Touch

If you want to stay informed of Council meetings and hearings, look at the Council Calendar or you can send your name in to to receive weekly calendars, hearing notices, and meeting agendas.


  • Do you know who your councillor is?

    Boston City Council has four at large councillors who are elected to represent the entire city; in addition there are nine district city councillors who represent specific portions of the city. If you do not know who your City Councillor is, search your address in "My Neighborhood" to find out which councillor represents you as well as other information.

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