Dog License Application



The City of Boston, as required by law, mandates the annual licensing of dogs, within the city. The licensing of dogs is critical in assisting Boston Animal Control in the prevention of rabies and other associated health problems. It also provides security for pet owners and enhances the general public health and safety of our citizens.

The City of Boston strictly enforces the licensing of dogs as a health assurance to the public and as a safety and identification measure for your pet. To this extent, dog owners may be subject to fines if their pet remains unlicensed.

If you do not wish to continue to apply for a license online, apply In Person or By Mail.

Fees for Dog License:
Intact Male or Intact Female $30.00
Neutered Male or Spayed Female $15.00

Online Payments: Amex / Discover / Mastercard / Visa are accepted for online payments. A service charge of 2.75% will be added ($1.00 minimum) to cover merchant fees.

Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 140, Sections 137 and 141, and City Ordinance 10- 1.9C mandate that every dog owner must obtain a license for their pet each year. Proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license and puppies upon reaching six months.

New or Returning Owner - If you have an existing license, we can pull up your information for your convenience.

I am a returning dog owner:

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I am a new dog owner:

I do not have an existing dog license in the City of Boston


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