Benefits to Licensing Your Pet

  • Pet licensing ensures that every pet is traceable to its owner in order to foster pet-owner accounts. A Boston city dog license provides an excellent form of identification for your dog. Licensing increases the numbers of lost pets reunited with their owners. If your dog is lost, a license provides means of notification if your dog is found or taken to the animal shelter.

  • A City Of Boston dog license provides rabies identification. Every year, hundreds of people in The City Of Boston are bitten by dogs. Treatment for rabies can be avoided when the dog is displaying a current license. When proof of rabies vaccination is required to purchase an animal license, licensing provides a means to control and monitor rabies with office records of rabies vaccination. This in turn helps sever the link between wild animals with rabies and domestic animals from which humans are most likely to contract the disease.

  • Unlicensed dog owners may be cited for violation of city and state dog licensing laws (16-1.9D) in the amount of $50.00.

    City Ordinance Section 16-1.9D »