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Boston Harbor Islands

Boston's Harbor Islands are historic islands just waiting for you to explore! You can do the tours by two island or six island tours, where you can go swimming, picnicking, hiking, and even camping!


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    Boston Harbor Islands: Minutes Away, Worlds Apart

    Learn more about the islands, including things to do, getting to the islands, events and more. 

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    Explore the Boston Harbor Islands

    Did you know the Boston Harbor Islands are part of the National Parks Service?

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  • Ferry

    Free Ferry Day

    Visit Georges or Spectacle Island on June 18 and enjoy a free ferry ride. Ferries will be running on a special schedule. Just pick your time block and island and enjoy the day. Due to high demand, all tickets will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis and have a specific return time. Ticket kiosk opens at 8am. No advance reservations. Groups are limited to five.

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