Reporting & Reimbursement

Sponsoring Departments receive with their award letter, or even as part of the application guidelines, a set of requirements directions around the expenditure of funds. In order to ensure that the grant recipient, the Sponsoring Department in this case, is compliant with the requirements, the grant recipient is required to submit reports on a regular basis outlining the progress made toward the stated goal of the grant and detailing the associated expenditures.

Reporting & Reimbursement requirements vary among grantors. For private funds, these may vary greatly and it is important to carefully review any requirements prior to accepting the funds as it may be necessary to create or modify your practices to ensure that you are able to comply.

Federal and State grant requirements are similar and will be treated here together in general terms. Note however, that even Federal and State grants may have special requirements and every grant should be reviewed to determine if these exist and ensure that they can be met.

The Sponsoring Department is responsible for complying with all grant reporting and reimbursement requirements. However, without execution, all reports must first be reviewed and approved by the City Auditor.

Overall, the Reporting & Reimbursement consists of up to five high level steps:

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Report Preparation
Supporting Documentation
Draw Down/Financial Reimbursement Request Forms
Auditing Review
Submission & Document Maintenance