Grant/Special Revenue Establishment

Grant/Special Revenue Establishment begins with the Grant/Special Revenue Award Notification from the Sponsoring Department. Notification of award can be made tefough any of the following types of documents:

  • Notice of Grant/Special Revenue Award
  • State Contract
  • Award Letter

Once notification is received, there are three requirements for establishing a Grant/Special Revenue, as outlined below. Note that no spending can be done against the Grant/Special Revenue until all three requirements are completed.
Grant/Special Revenue Establishment Flowchart

City Council Approval

  1. A copy of the notification must be forwarded to IGR immediately to ensure the City Council Approval process can begin as quickly as possible. If the award amount exceeds the amount of draft Council Order submitted as part of the Application Review process, you must to submit an updated, electronic copy of the documentation to request a City Council Order to Expend for the new amount.
    Documentation to Request a City Council Order to Accept or Expend

  2. When the documentation is received and deemed complete, IGR will:

    1. Create the City Council Packet containing all required documentation, and coordinate review and sign-off by the Law Department and the Mayor.
    2. Manage the submission of the Packet to the City Clerk and subsequent interaction with City Council.
    3. Complete Tracking date fields on the Special Revenue Tracking as appropriate.
    Special Revenue Tracking

  3. The Council will review the request and may call upon the Department to meet prior to putting the request to a vote. Departments will be notified directly by the City Council Liaison's Office or IGR if this is necessary.

  4. If approved, IGR will update the Special Revenue Tracking status to "Approved" and complete Tracking date fields as appropriate. This indicates that the vote has been held, the City Council has approved the expenditure of funds from the Grant/Special Revenue, and IGR is obtaining appropriate signatures and copies of documents. (If not approved, the Grant/Special Revenue will be updated to the status of "Completed" and made Inactive.)
    Special Revenue Tracking

    Per City regulations, the Order will be documented by the Office of the City Clerk and an original sent to IGR to obtain the Mayor's signature. Once signed, it is returned to IGR, where a copy is kept on file and another is sent the Sponsoring Department. The original is returned to the City Clerk, who attests to the Mayor's signature, and a copy of the attested order is sent to Auditing/Grants Monitoring and the Office of Budget Management.

    Once these tasks have been completed, IGR will complete Tracking date fields as appropriate on the Special Revenue Tracking.
    Special Revenue Tracking.

Grant/Special Revenue Award Agreement

Along with the Notification of Grant/Special Revenue Award, you will receive a document that must be completed and returned to the Grantor to officially enter into an agreement with the Grantor and thereby accept the funds. This document may be in a number of formats, including as a contract, a letter of agreement, or a Memorandum of Agreement. Generally, this document will contain or refer to language about the Grant/Special Revenue, namely the award amount, including any withheld or disallowed amounts, and its administration and reporting requirements.

This document must be signed by the Department Head or a designee permitted to enter into contract agreements for the Department. For Federal Grants from the Department of Justice and some Housing and Urban Development Grants, it may be necessary that the Mayor also sign the contract. You should contact the Office of Intergovernmental Relations to verify required signatures.

Project/Grant Request

As official documentation is being prepared and sent to the Grantor to accept the funds, the Project/Grant Request can be finalized and sent to Auditing/Grants Monitoring. Note that some preparation of Project/Grant Requests can be done in advance.

The Project/Grant Request includes three steps:

  1. Chartfield Review
    The Chartfield Reveiew serves to confirm, and establish if necessary, chartfield values for the proper accounting for the Project/Grant. For each new Grant/Special Revenue, a Project/Grant ID must be established. To obtain a Project/Grant ID, contact Auditing/Grants Monitoring at 617-635-2647. Except in rare circumstances, new chartfield values, other than the Project/Grant ID, need to be created. However, if you believe you might have a need for new values, you should discuss this with Auditing/Grants Monitoring.

  2. Submission of the Project/Grant Request Packet
    The submission of the Project/Grant Request establishes a Grant/Special Revenue budget, which serves to supply necessary documentation for the establishment of a new Project/Grant in BAIS FN. Details on this can be found in the Accounting's Policies and Procedures.
    Procedures and Policies for Establishing a Project/Grant Budget

  3. Budget Establishment
    Once the complete Packet is received, Auditing/Grants Monitoring will:

    1. Review the Packet for all appropriate and require documentation. Note: Incomplete Packets will be returned.

    2. Reconcile the Budget with the Project/Grant Request Form. Note: If Budgets and the Project/Grant Form do not reconcile, the Packet will be returned.

    3. Establish the budget in BAIS FN.

    4. Notify the Treasurer in writing of the establishment of the new Project/Grant, copying the sponsoring department. This notification signifies that the City is ready to process Fund Transfers or Drawdowns against the Grant/Special Revenue per the policies and procedures outlined in the Grant/Special Revenue Administration.
      Grant/Special Revenue Administration

    5. Update the Special Revenue Tracking status to "Completed" and complete Tracking date fields as appropriate. Periodically, the Auditing Department may purge the Special Revenue Tracking of older, complete Grants.
      Special Revenue Tracking