Documentation to request a City Council Order to Expend

A City Council Order to Expend is required for the City to expend all funds received from third parties. This process is coordinated by and through the Office of Intergovernmental Relations; however, the materials below must be submitted in electronic format with your Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet to Auditing/Grants Monitoring prior to submitting your application to the Grantor. Electronic format includes either on floppy disk or CD.
Grant/Special Revenue Application Review Process

The Sponsoring Department must draw up the following:

  1. A letter of Request for City Council Order to Expend.
    Request for City Council Order to Expend Template
    Request for City Council Order to Expend Example

    The letter should include the following elements:

    • Addressed to the City Council
    • Amount of Award to Expend
    • Full name of Grant/Special Revenue
    • Full Name of Grantor
    • Pass through Agency, if any
    • Name of Department to administer Grant/Special Revenue funds
    • Purpose of Grant/Special Revenue
    • Directed from the Mayor

  2. Attached to the Letter of Request should be the draft of the Order itself, which in essence reiterates much of what is on the letter.
    City Council Order Draft Template
    City Council Order Draft Example

For the purpose of the City Council Order, it is best to request the full amount of the Grant/Special Revenue plus an additional 10%. For multiple year grants, it is advisable to request the amount for the entire term of the Grant/Special Revenue plus an additional 10% on all years. This elevated amount takes into consideration adjustments that are commonly made for inflation and the possibility that funding amounts are increased subsequent to the application and review process, and thereby eliminates the need to request additional approvals from the City Council at a later date.