Grant/Special Revenue Application & Review Process

Once potential funding sources have been identified, the next step is the Application and Review process, which consists of the four steps below. See the Grant/Special Revenue Application and Review Flowchart for a schematic overview.
Grant/Special Revenue Application and Review Flowchart

  1. Grant/Special Revenue Application Preparation
    Grant/Special Revenue Application Preparation should be completed in accordance with the Grant/Special Revenue Application Guidelines or Instructions provided by the Grantor. In general, Grant/Special Revenue applications require detailed plans and goals, including specific outcomes, and a budget, along with supporting documentation showing the departmental capacity to achieve the stated goals. Assistance with completing Grant/Special Revenue Applications is available from the Office of Intergovernmental Relations (IGR) at 617-635-3817.

  2. Creation and Submittal of the Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet
    Prior to submitting a Grant/Special Revenue Application to a Grantor for consideration, it is required that the application be reviewed internally. The review process is coordinated centrally by Auditing/Grants Monitoring. For the review to occur, it is necessary to compile and submit a Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet to the Auditing Department at least 30 days prior to the deadline for submission to the Grantor. The Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet consists of the following items:

    Note: Requests for Boston Public School Department Accept and Expend Orders are authorized by the Boston Public School Committee, not the City Council.

  3. Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet Review
    The review is conducted by three Central Administrative Departments:
    • Auditing/Grants Monitoring reviews for overall completeness of the application, and the calculation of fringe/indirect rates and in-kind considerations. Auditing/Grants Monitoring will also initially log the Grant/Special Revenue Application on the Grant/Special Revenue Tracking with status of "Proposed" and complete Tracking date fields as appropriate.
      Grant/Special Revenue Tracking
    • The Office of Intergovernmental Relations reviews the application for tracking and advocacy purposes.
    • The Office of Budget Management reviews not only for short term impacts on the Sponsoring Department's budget, but also any potential long term ramifications for the Department or the City.

    The application will be reviewed and returned to the Sponsoring Department within five business days. The application will be returned with one of three determinations:

    • Provisionally Approved, if all aspects are in order,
    • Follow Up Required, if modifications are needed, or,
    • Denied, for reasons given.

    If Provisionally Approved, Auditing/Grants Monitoring will update the status on the Grant/Special Revenue Tracking to "In Process" and will complete Tracking Dates as appropriate.

    Notification will be via theĀ Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet Cover Sheet.
    Grant/Special Revenue Application Packet Cover Sheet

  4. Grant/Special Revenue Revision and Submission
    If the application is returned from the Auditing Department requiring follow up, the Sponsoring Department must update the application in line with the notations provided, and resubmit the entire application again to Auditing/Grants Monitoring with the original Grant/Special Revenue Application and Review Cover Sheet attached. Second reviews, and any subsequent reviews until the application is provisionally approved, will be made within 2 business days.

    Once provisionally approved, the Application will be returned to the Department and Auditing/Grants Monitoring will update the status on the Grant/Special Revenue Tracking to "In Process" and will complete Tracking Dates as appropriate.
    Grant/Special Revenue Tracking

    After, and only after, the application has been provisionally approved by the Auditing Department, may the application be submitted to the Grantor organization.

    Once an application is submitted to the Grantor, the Grantor will review all applications and the recipients will be determined. If the Department is chosen to be a recipient, they will receive a Notification of Grant/Special Revenue Award, which is the first step in the next area of Grant/Special Revenue Management process, Grant/Special Revenue Establishment.
    Grant/Special Revenue Establishment