Decreasing a Project/Grant Budget

At times it is necessary to decrease a grant budget. Generally, this is done for three reasons:

  1. The award is decreased by the Grantor.

  2. The award period has expired.

  3. Carry Forward of funds from one year to the next.

Note: In order to close a Project/Grant Budget (i.e., decrease its budget to $0), it is necessary to understand the larger context of the process, which should be reviewed in the forthcoming Grant Close Out area of this website.

The process for decreasing a Project/Grant Budget requires the following:

  1. Submit a memo giving a brief explanation of why you are decreasing the budget

  2. Submit a completed Project/Grant Request Form reflecting the current and new budget amounts. Project/Grant Request Form Instructions and a Project/Grant Request Form Example are provided for assistance in completing the form
    Project Grant Request Form
    Project/Grant Request Form Instructions
    Project/Grant Request Form Example

You must supply additional information depending on the reason for the decrease.

If the Award has been amended by the Grantor

If you are carrying forward funds from this Project/Grant to another in the next year, you must also supply:

  • A copy of the new Award Letter from the Grantor showing the decrease; and

  • A detailed budget broken down by distinct chartfield combinations (This should match the new amounts listed on the submitted Project/Grant Request Form (see '2' above)

  • Copy of Regulation from the Grantor allowing Carry Forwards, or,

  • Copy of Award Letter that states Carry Forwards are allowed

Note: A Packet that is incomplete or missing information will be returned with a Transfer Rejection Notice . Corrected Packets should be returned to Auditing within five business days.
Transfer Rejection Notice