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April 2020 update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please email with the email address where Explaination of Benefits (EOB) may be sent. This should be the email address for the party receiving / processing the payment.

Having an email address on file for each medical provider will allow us to quickly distribute all accompanying EOBs and will assist with timely payments. In the subject line, please write "EMAIL Address for EOBs." If we do not have an email address, the EOBs accompanying a payment may be mailed separately.

March 2020 update: Due to the current coronavirus situation, for the near-term, please do not send faxes to the Workers Compensation office. Instead, please email us at

Please be certain to submit all medical bills via mail to:

Workers' Compensation Service
1 City Hall Square, Room 613
Boston, MA 02201-2018

PLEASE NOTE: bills submitted without sufficient medical documentation will not be processed.

If you are seeking authorization for an upcoming procedure please fax the request to 617-635-3119 and a response will be faxed back to you.

If you are seeking a claim number, please be advised that you do not need a claim number to submit the medical bill for payment; please submit the bill by mail to the address above with sufficient medical documentation.

Medical bill payments are generally processed within 90 days of receipt by the Medical Billing Unit, if you have recently submitted your bill please allow for 90 days prior to seeking additional information. Payments are sent out on Fridays; therefore if you believe the 90 days has just passed we ask that you wait until Wednesday to see if your payment was processed this week. If you submitted a bill more than five months ago and have yet to receive notification/payment please resubmit the bill by mail as we likely did not receive it.

If you have received notification/payment on multiple dates of service and are inquiring about a missing date of service, please resubmit the bill as we would have processed it with the other dates of service had we received it, for example physical therapy.

In order to ensure a prompt response to your inquiry please answer the questions below. If you answer No to any of these questions and move forward to submit an inquiry we may be unable to provide an answer to your question.

1. Have you sent the bill/bills correctly, UB/CMS1500 (HCFA) with correct medical documentation?
2. Have you called and/or looked on the provider’s updated computer for the information/EOB in question? Please note we do not send duplicate copies.
3. Has it been 90 days since you submitted this bill to us?

If you answered yes to the above questions please click here to submit an inquiry.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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