Employee Returning to Work

An employee who has been out of work due to work related injury and has been receiving Workers' Compensation benefits and is ready to return to work, he/she must provide medical clearance from his/her doctor to the Workers' Compensation Office. You must notify the Workers' Compensation Office when you have returned to the job.

Transitional modified work will be offered by the City to employees who have been injured on the job and are capable of returning to work on a modified basis. You will be notified by your Case Manager should you be eligible for modified work.

Your Case Manager will remain in constant contact with you, and you will be required to maintain contact and provide the necessary medical information to your Case Manager so that these goals can be achieved. Any additional information or questions can be forwarded to the employee's Case Manager. Case Managers are assigned based on the employee's last name.

The goals of the Workers' Compensation office are to insure that eligible, injured employees receive quality and timely medical services, receive timely benefits, and return to the job as quickly as possible.

Mailing Address:
Workers' Compensation Service
Boston City Hall, Room 613
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Telephone: (617) 635-3193

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