Street Lighting Facts & Figures

Streetlights by the Numbers

  • 67,000 street lights throughout the City

  • 2,800 are gas lights

  • 1,500 are fire alarm lights

  • 19 different types of light fixtures are in use:

    • Algonquin
    • Colonial
    • Wells Bach
    • Seaport
    • Ball Globe
    • Franklin Pendant
    • Acorn
    • Rectilinear
    • Cobra
    • Nautical
    • Cube
    • Bishop Crook
    • 50/50
    • Copley

Streetlight Equipment by the Numbers

  • 4 million feet of conduit (PVC pipe that holds cable) in the ground

  • 18 million feet of cable

  • 400,000 splices

  • 1,600 control boxes

  • 32,000 pull boxes (manholes)

Fun Figures

  • Thousands of Boston’s street lights are “dark sky friendly.” All lighting units designed or modified since the year 2000 are of a medium cut-off type construction; 95% of the light shines down toward the ground instead of up toward the sky.

  • The Street Lighting Division is in a public/private partnership with “Historic Boston” and “Light Boston” to provide architectural floodlighting on historical landmarks and church steeples around the City. The organizations supply the floodlights, bracket arms, lamps, and expertise. The Street Lighting Division provides the mounting platforms, energy, installation, and maintenance.

  • The Street Lighting Division is responsible for the procurement, installation, and removal of Christmas lights on over 46 Christmas trees installed in all neighborhoods in the City. The Division also lights miniature trees installed on light poles on Congress Street behind City Hall.