The Payment/Reimbursement Packet

The Payment/Reimbursement Packet consists of up to four elements and is required for all requests for payment or reimbursement by a sub-recipient from its Sponsoring Department.

Financial Reimbursement Workbook (hard copy)

The City of Boston utilizes the Financial Reimbursement Workbook (in Microsoft Excel) to aid sub-recipients in the collection of data. The Workbook allows for the collection of detailed data required for audit purposes, and automatically summarizes it in the correct format for reimbursement purposes. Specifically, it was developed to:

  • Standardize the collection and reporting process
  • Leverage the ability to download data from other systems
  • Reduce the risk of computation errors by doing calculations automatically
  • Allow for flexibility across grants and departments

Before using the Workbook, you should consult with your Sponsoring Department to ensure that they have not added any data elements or other reporting requirements to the Workbook. You should also ensure that for each of the four worksheets in the Workbook, you have read and understand the following Instructions and Guidelines.

  • Instructions for Invoice Summary Page
  • Instructions for Personnel Detail
  • Instructions for Non-Personnel Detail
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    • Sub-Contracting Instructions
    • Establishing Consultant Rates Guidelines
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While these instructions are intended to be universal, your Sponsoring Department may have additional instructions; you should therefore consult with your Sponsoring Department prior to completing the Workbook.

Additionally, while we have attempted to make this process as straightforward and automated as possible, you must recognize that this process requires attention on your part, including review of all figures for reasonability, and ensuring that the necessary level of detail is provided.

When submitting your Reimbursement Packet, you must include a hard copy of all detail sheets along with adding machine tape showing the math for each sheet. Your department may also require that you submit an electronic version of the entire workbook on a CD or 3.5" floppy disk, or by email.

Please note that the use of the Periodic Reimbursement Request Workbook is mandatory for all sub-recipients of funding from the City of Boston. Rare exceptions are made to this policy; if you wish to be exempted, you should request so in writing to your Sponsoring Department. Questions or concerns regarding this Workbook or any requirements should be directed to your Sponsoring Department.

Signed Invoice Summary Page

The Invoice Summary Page is the first worksheet of the Periodic Financial Reimbursement Workbook. This sheet sums the detail data you will provide on the subsequent sheets and asks for basic information about your grant and grant administration.
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When submitting your Reimbursement Packet, you must include a signed hard copy of the Invoice Summary Page. An unsigned electronic version will be included if the completed workbook is submitted as stated in Section I above.

Supporting Documentation*

There are different requirements for the different types of expenditures (Salary, Contracting, Equipment, Travel, etc.). For direction on what constitutes supporting documentation, consult the Sub-Recipient Guidelines for Defining and Retaining Supporting Documentation. Requests for reimbursement without proper supporting documentation will not be accepted and will not be reimbursed.
Sub-Recipient Guidelines for Documentation

* 2 copies required