Establishing a Project/Grant Budget

Note: In order to establish a Project/Grant Budget, it is necessary to understand the larger context of the process, which should be reviewed in the Grant Establishment area of this website.
Review Grant Establishment

To establish a Project/Grant Budget, it is necessary to submit a "Grant Budget Establishment Packet", which includes all necessary forms and documentation for its establishment in BAIS FN. The packet consists of the following items:

  1. A completed Project Grant Request Form reflecting the current and new budget amounts. Instructions and an example are provided for assistance in completing the form.
    Project Grant Request Form
    Project/Grant Request Form Instructions
    Project/Grant Request Form Example

  2. A copy of document(s) sent to Grantor acknowledging and accepting award.

  3. A copy of the Grant Application, which should include a detailed budget broken down by distinct chartfield combinations. This application's amounts should match the amounts listed on the submitted Project/Grant Request Form (see '1' above).

  4. A copy of the Grant Application Instructions/Guidelines.

  5. A certified City Council Order.

  6. A Grant Report Submission Schedule, outlining dates for submission of any reports required by grantor.
    Grant Report Submission Schedule

  7. For Housing and Urban Development (HUD) grants only:

    1. Letter of Credit
      A line of credit to a grant recipient given at time of approval of application.

    2. Notice of Fund Accountability
      A notice published in the Federal Register to announce competitive funding programs.

    3. Finding of exempt status
      A document presenting the determination that a proposed project is exempt from or categorically excluded from environmental review pursuant to 24 CFR 53.34 or 24 CFR 53.35, respectively.

Note: A Packet that is incomplete or missing information will be returned with a Transfer Rejection Notice. Corrected Packets should be returned to Auditing within five business days.
Transfer Rejection Notice