Special Revenue Tracking

Special Revenue Tracking is available through BAIS FN, and is a set of five pages that allows Auditing/Grants Monitoring and the Office of Intergovernmental Relations to track Grant Application, City Council, and Project/Grant Request Packets. As well, it allows department staff with appropriate BAIS/FN access to view the status online. The path to Special Revenue Tracking is:

Set Up Financials/Supply Chain > Business Unit Related > Special Revenue Tracking

If you are not already logged in to BAIS/FN, you will be required to do so before you can access the page. If you do not have access and believe you should, please contact Auditing/Grants Monitoring.
Contact Auditing

Once at the search page, to find existing Grant data in any stage of review, approval, or establishment, enter one or more of the values available. A list of results will appear and you should select the appropriate row by clicking on it, which will bring up the relevant data. A review of the five available pages and the fields on each are given below.

Data Grant Information Tab

Value assigned with the initial entry of the Grant data on the List.

Tracking #
A unique number assigned when the entry for the Grant data is made.

Grants Project
A check indicates that the item being tracked is a grant. If it is not selected, it indicates that the item is another of an alternative funding source. Matching Indicator: If checked, indicates that matching funds from the City/Department are stipulated as part of the Grant requirements.

A brief description of the Grant proposal, usually the title of the Grant. Active/Inactive: Indicates whether the item is active (in the 'Proposed', 'In Process' or 'Approved' statuses) or inactive (in the 'Completed' Status).

There are four values that indicate the status of the Grant data at any stage in the various phases of Grant Application, Approval and Establishment. These include:

  • Proposed: The initial status for an Application when it has been received by Auditing/Grants Monitoring and is under initial review and not yet provisionally approved for submittal to Grantor or other funding sources.

  • In Process: This value indicates that an Application was provisionally approved for submittal to the Grantor, but an approval for expenditure of funds has not yet been granted by City Council.

  • Approved: Indicates that the expenditure of funds has been approved by City Council

  • Completed: Indicates that the Grant has been established in BAIS FN or was denied at any point during the process.

Grant Award Number
This is the Project/Grant ID which is supplied when the Grant has been established in BAIS/FN.

CFDA Number
This is the grant number assigned to grants funded through a Federal agency.

Pass Thru Number
This is the grant number assigned by any Pass Thru agency.

Entry Date
This is the date that Auditing/Grants Monitoring initially enters the Grant Application in the Grant Tracking List. This date equals the value in field "1. In Auditing" (see below).

Docket Number
This is the assigned City Council Docket number

This is the six digit ID of the Sponsoring Department.

Grant Manager Tab

This tab provides the Name and ID Number of the person responsible for managing the Grant, as provided on the Grant Application Packet Cover Sheet, along with the effective date.

Long Description Tab

This field provides detailed descriptions of the grant, and allows for multiple entries, distinguished by the Date/Time Stamp field. The 'Previous' and 'Next' hyperlinks allow for paging through Long Description entries.

Tracking Tab

This tab provides the dates of completion for key milestones in the processing of the Grant Application, City Council, and the Project/Grant Request Packets, reflected in the three columns. It may be helpful to review the flowcharts for the Grant Application and Review and the Grant Establishment processes to better understand the relevance of these dates.
Grant Application and Review Flowchart
Grant Establishment Flowchart

In Auditing
The Date/Time stamp indicating when the Grant Application Packet is received from the Sponsoring Department in Auditing.

The date the Application Packet is sent to OBM/IGR for their review.

In Auditing
The date Auditing receives commentary on the Application Packet back from OBM/IGR.

To Department
The date the Application Packet is sent back to the Department with the determination of the review. Note: If additional reviews are required, these will not be reflected in on this page

The date IGR receives the required information from the Sponsoring Department for the City Council Packet.

To Law Dept
The date IGR sends the City Council Packet to the Law Department for review.

Return to IGR
The date the Law Department returns the Packet to IGR.

Mayor's Letter Signature
The date IGR sends the Transmittal Letter to the Mayor for signature.

To City Clerk
The date IGR sends the Packet to the City Clerk for logging and assignment of a Docket Number and subsequent action.

City Council Vote
The date City Council votes on the expenditure of funds from the Grant.

Mayoral Signature
Assuming City Council approval for the expenditure of funds, the date the Mayor signs the City Council Order to Expend.

Orders Distributed
The date IGR distributes copies of the signed City Council Order to Expend to the Sponsoring Department, OBM and Auditing.

In Auditing
The date the Project/Grant Request Packet is received from the Sponsoring Department in Auditing.

The date the Project/Grant is established in BAIS FN making funds available for use.