Steps and Procedures

  • If injured on the job, the first scheduled appointment must be with a provider from the City's Preferred Provider Arrangement (PPA). The five providers are listed at the bottom of this page. Medical Documentation must be sent to Workers' Compensation. Failure to do so may result in the employee being charged for service not compliant with the Preferred Provider Arrangement.

    View List of Preferred Providers

  • The only time that a provider other than the ones listed below can be used are in case of emergencies (i.e.: life threatening, head injures, severe fracture, suture requirement). Follow-up care must be scheduled with a PPA.

  • An employee must ensure that someone completes a City of Boston Accident Report Form on his/her behalf, or contacts the Workers' Compensation Service within twenty-four hours of the accident.  Reports can be sent via fax (617) 635-3119, mail, or hand delivery. If information requested is unknown, leave the line blank. This should not prevent an accident report from being forwarded. A supervisor's signature is requested solely for the purpose of notification that an injury occurred. A supervisor's signature does not indicate that the supervisor agrees/disagrees with the report, nor does it indicate the supervisor witnessed the accident.

    Accident Report Form

  • Reasonable and necessary medical expenses for accepted work related injuries will be covered by Workers' Compensation Service, regardless of whether time has been lost due to the injury. However, salary replacement benefits for accepted work related injuries are given only if the employee lost five days or more. Substantial medical documentation is required for employees who have lost five days or more.

  • When the Workers' Compensation Office has been notified of the injury, representatives will be contacting you to follow-up on your injury, explain benefits, and insure that you are receiving appropriate medical treatment. If you have not heard from a representative from this office call 617-635-3193. It may be that your accident report was not received.

  • If an employee has lost time from work due to a work related injury, and has not been notified that they are to receive workers' compensation benefits, they should notify the Workers' Compensation Office at 617-635-3193.

  • Workers' Compensation pays an employee up to sixty (60) percent of their salary and the sick/vacation time will be restored at the same rate (up to 60%).

  • Workers' Compensation Service does not process any deductions from your Workers' Compensation check (i.e.: health insurance). For instructions of your deductions, please see your Personnel Officer in your Department.