City Flag (150)

City Flag

Municipal Standard and City Flag

The municipal standard of the City of Boston, which is hereby established, shall be made of silk of the colors designated, namely: Continental blue and buff, and shall be five (5') feet in length and three and one-half (3.5') feet in width, or in proportion thereto. Provided, that a City flag of like design and colors may be made of bunting for outdoor display, the size of such bunting flag to depend upon the place of display. The body of the standard shall be blue, as specified, with the official City seal embroidered in the center; and two (2) rings of white shall encircle the seal. The reverse of the municipal standard shall bear a representation of the Trimountain. The City flag shall have no reverse except the seal showing through the bunting, the seal to be painted on or woven in the fabric. The municipal standard shall have a fringe of Continental buff; the City flag shall be without fringe.

City Colors

The colors herein specified shall be the official colors for the City of Boston, namely: Continental blue and Continental buff.

Displaying Flag on City Hall and Boston Common

The City flag shall be displayed on City Hall and may be displayed on Boston Common on occasions when the national flag is ordered displayed.

Further Uses of Flag

The municipal standard of silk may be carried or displayed in parades, at reviews, and on other official occasions when the Mayor is present and when directed by him. Boston organizations may have copies of the municipal standard on approval by the Mayor.

Prohibitions on Use of Flag

Neither the municipal standard nor the City flag nor any reproduction shall be used for any commercial purpose, and no advertising device shall be placed upon it or used in connection with it; and the municipal flag or standard shall not be used for any purpose not authorized by the foregoing sections, except with the permission of the Mayor.


Any person violating any provision of subsection 1-2.6 shall be punished by a fine not exceeding twenty ($20.00) dollars for each offense, and not only the person actually doing the prohibited thing, but also his employer and every other person concerned in so doing shall be punished by such fine.


The City messenger shall be custodian of the municipal standard and of the City flag.

Display of United States Flag

The United States flag shall be displayed, unless the weather is unsuitable, upon the City Hall on every day except Sunday, and upon the other public buildings and public places where flag poles are available on:

  • Franklin's Birthday, January 17;

  • Lincoln's Birthday, February 12;

  • Washington's Birthday, February 22;

  • Evacuation Day, March 17;

  • Patriots' Day, April 19;

  • Grant's Birthday, April 27;

  • Memorial Day, May 30;

  • Flag Day, June 14;

  • Bunker Hill Day, June 17;

  • Independence Day, July 4;

  • Labor Day, first Monday in September;

  • Boston's Settlement Anniversary, September 17;

  • Columbus Day, October 12;

  • Veterans' Day, November 11;

  • and on such other days as the Mayor or the City Council may from time to time order.

Whenever any of the above-named days fall on Sunday the flags shall be displayed on the following day. It shall be the duty of the assistant commissioner of real property to display the flag in accordance with this section upon the City Hall and other public buildings under his care, custody and management.

Special Considerations 

The City of Boston flies flags at half staff as directed by the Office of the President or the Office of the Governor.  Additionally, community groups may petition the City to raise their country of origin's flag on days of remembrance.
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