Public Works & Utilities

The City of Boston offers a number of services aimed at improving and maintaining municipal infrastructure, keeping our neighborhoods clean and connecting residents with utilities.

  • Trash & Recycling Bins (75)

    Household Waste Look-Up

    Recycle More. Trash Less! Get instructions on how to properly dispose of various household items.

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  • Earth Machine Compost Bin (75x75)


    You can compost in your own backyard or even inside your apartment. Outdoor compost bins are available to Boston residents at subsidized rates.
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  • Refrigerator, waiting for bulk item pickup

    Bulk Item Disposal

    If you're throwing away a TV, computer monitor, refrigerator, air conditioner, water cooler, or dehumidifier these items cannot be put out with regular trash.
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  • Little Street Sweeper 75x75

    Street Cleaning

    The City's Neighborhood Street Cleaning (Daytime) Program currently runs from April 1 through November 30. In winter months, street cleaning and parking restrictions are nighttime only except in the North End.
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