Online Public Records

Public Works manages official plans, engineering volumes and related materials concerning the streets, squares, places, avenues, courts and other public locations which the City has a vested interest in maintaining as record. These documents show takings, discontinuances, specific repairs, widenings, relocations, easements, licenses, lay-outs, assessments, acceptances, fiber optics and other information concerning Public Works.   Public Works also maintains the official publication "Boston Streets, Squares, Places, Avenues, Courts and Other Public Locations".


  • Old Plan - 75x75

    Historic Engineering Plans Now Available Online

    Many of Public Works' historic engineering plans have been digitized and are now available for viewing online. More plans will become available as they are digitized.

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  • Street Book

    Street Book

    Search through a list of Boston's streets, avenues, courts and other public locations.

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