Engineering Division

The Engineering Division of Public Works oversees contracts for total reconstruction of City streets and sidewalks (as opposed to resurfacing; see Construction Management). Reconstruction includes installation of under-surface street lighting systems, as well as the design and engineering of pedestrian ramps. The Engineering Division also conducts bridge inspections and coordinates bridge reconstruction through MassDOT.The Public Improvement Commission, the board that oversees any changes made to City street definitions, dimensions, naming, or ownership, is also part of Engineering Division.

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    Historic Engineering Plans Now Available Online

    Many of Public Works' historic engineering plans have been digitized and are now available for viewing online. More plans will become available as they are digitized.

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    Street Resurfacing Program

    Construction season runs from April 1st to November 30th. During this time, Public Works will oversee the resurfacing or reconstruction of over 200 City streets.

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