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Construction Inspection

In 2003, then-Mayor Thomas M. Menino directed the Public Works Department to effectively manage and monitor the increasingly poor utility construction practices and repairs throughout the City of Boston. In response, Public Works created the Construction Inspection Unit (CIU) to improve and manage work at construction sites in Boston.

The CIU is a dynamic force tasked with providing citywide coverage of all utility and private contractor construction sites. The CIU visits each active construction site enforcing the rules and specifications. Inspection is documented through a consistent 15 point inspection report providing a “snapshot” of each individual utility construction work site. In 2013 the CIU performed over 28,000 individual site inspections throughout the City.

The data collected on theses visits is utilized to create a rating which provides an easy to understand method of monitoring for both the city and construction practitioners Report cards of all utility and private contractors are kept on file and made available when enforcement is required or as requested. The major utilities are sent “Weekly Report Cards” summarizing the previous week’s inspection findings. The utilities and private contractors utilize the “Report Card” as valuable tool to analyze the performance of their work crews.

The inspections, standardized reports, education, enforcement, and the rating process promotes a partnership with utility companies, contractors, and the City of Boston improving overall construction practices.