Public Safety

Committee Chair:

Councillor Murphy

Committee Vice Chair:

Councillor Flaherty

Committee Members:

Councillors Jackson, McCarthy, Pressley 

Committee E-mail: 

Committee Description:

Committee on Public Safety, which shall concern itself with the adequate delivery of police and fire protection to all neighborhoods. The committee shall also concern itself with evaluating, encouraging, and facilitating existing resident-driven efforts to prevent crime, including arson, vandalism, hate crimes, and home invasion. The committee shall also be concerned with all matters related to homeland security and efforts to protect residents against terrorism in any form. The committee shall share oversight of public safety issues related to girls and women with the Committee on Healthy Women, Families and Communities. The committee shall exercise oversight with respect to the Boston Fire Department, Boston Police Department, Office of Emergency Preparedness, Emergency Medical Services, Emergency Storm Center, Public Safety Commission, Safe Neighborhood Initiative, Suffolk County Jail, Suffolk County House of Correction, anti-crime efforts financed by state and federal government sources, and county correctional matters.