Frequently Asked Questions

Last updated September 4, 2013

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Birth, Death, & Marriage Certificates
How may I obtain a certified copy of a Birth, Death, or Marriage Certificate?
Business Certificate
How long is a Business Certificate valid?
What law governs Business Certificates?
Why do I need a valid government issued photo ID?
Why am I not able to use a P.O. Box as my business or residential address?
Why must I pay a fee to change my Business Certificate?
Going Out of Business Sale
How do I file a "Going Out of Business Sale"?
Hawkers/Peddlers/Vendors Permits
How may I obtain a Hawker/Peddler/Vendor Permit?
Import/Export Licenses
Where do I obtain an Import/Export License?
City of Boston Claims
When may I file a claim against the City?
What is the procedure for filing a claim?
Why do I have to pay a fee to file a claim?
May I fax my claim?
What is a Statute of Limitations?
Why do I have to file a claim for the refund of towing charges?
Constable Appointments
How may I be appointed Constable of the City of Boston?
Copies of Filed Documents
How may I obtain a certified copy of legislation passed by the City Council?
Corporation/LLC/Ltd/Incorporation/Non-Profits/Trust Filings
How may I file as a Corporation, LLC, Ltd, Incorporation, Non-Profit, Trust, etc.?
Division of Inspectional Services Permits, Violations, Etc.
What are the different types of permits, violations, etc. processed through the Inspectional Services Division, and where may I obtain them?
Domestic Partnerships
How may I file a Domestic Partnership?
Special Events
How may I obtain a permit to hold an event in a public park?
Federal Tax Identification/State Sale Tax Numbers
How may I receive a Federal Tax ID or State Sales Tax Number?
Filing Complaints about City Services
Where do I go to file a complaint about city services?
Fingerprinting Services
Where may I go to obtain fingerprinting services?
Livery & Limousine Permits or Jitney License
Where may I obtain a Livery or Limousine permit or a Jitney License?
Moving Truck or Dumpster Permits
How may I obtain a permit for a Moving Truck or Dumpster?
Notary or Apostille Certification
How may I obtain a notarized document and/or apply for an Apostille Certification?
Payment of Marijuana Violations
Where do I go to make a payment for a marijuana violation?
Physician Registration
Why must I register my medical license?
Who is exempt from filing?
Why must I pay a filing fee?
Public Meeting/Hearing Notices
Where may I view upcoming public meeting/hearing notices?
Raffle/Bazaar/Las Vegas Night
Who may apply for a permit to hold a Raffle/Bazaar/Las Vegas Night in the City of Boston?
Special Events in Boston
How do I find out what special event(s) are being held in Boston?
Type of Filings or Services provided by the City Clerk's Office
What type of filings and services are provided by the City Clerk's Office?
Underground Storage Tanks
Where are the underground storage tank records filed?
Permiting Agencies
What are some of the types of permits and/or licenses issued by the State?
What are some of the types of permits and/or licenses issued by the City?



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    Monday - Friday: 9:00AM-4:30PM

    *All public business transactions MUST be completed by 4:30PM before cashier closes.

  • New Daycare Business Requirement

    When registering a daycare business in the City of Boston, daycare providers are now required to provide a copy of a valid state issued daycare provider license.

  • Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

    The Registry Division manages birth, death and marriage certificates for the City of Boston.
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