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Boston is a friendly, walkable city with a great public transportation system known as the T (MBTA). All of Boston's downtown areas and neighborhoods are accessible by train, bus, trolley, or water transportation. If you're new to the city, we've assembled some information to guide you whether you're walking, taking the T, riding a bike, or driving and parking a car.


Chances are you’ve heard Boston referred to as “the walking city.”  The City of Boston works hard to live up to this title. Our Public Works and Transportation Departments are constantly marking crosswalks, performing regular maintenance of traffic signals and pedestrian pushbuttons, and using innovative pedestrian safety signs at busy locations such as downtown Boston. Schools, parks, playgrounds, elderly complexes, and public libraries are also a top priority for these new safety improvements.

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    Walk Boston helping improve walking conditions in Boston

    Local non-profit organization that offers great maps and walking routes of the City's various neighborhoods. 

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  • Freedom Trail Photo by Mike Ritter (75)

    Freedom Trail is Nation's first historic walking tour

    The Freedom Trail takes visitors on a tour of 16 important historical sites and immerses them in colonial history and events.

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Boston Bikes is part of our vision for a vibrant and healthy city. The program seeks to make Boston a world-class biking city by creating safe and inviting conditions for all residents and visitors. Boston Bikes is focused on five planning areas: engineering, enforcement, education, encouragement, and evaluation.

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    Bike Events

    Boston Bikes hosts several annual events to generate awareness and excitement for bicycling in the city. Learn more about Bike Fridays (April 24th, May 15th, June 26th, July 24th, August 28th), Hub on Wheels, the Mayor's Cup and more.

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Boston has developed a reputation for having savvy drivers who are able to navigate the city’s historic cobblestone streets with ease.  Many of Boston’s streets were once horse-cart paths and today present a challenge for drivers in those ubiquitous SUV’s.  Parking can be difficult but with services such as vanpools and car-sharing companies, it is possible to navigate the city capably.

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    City of Boston Parking Clerk

    Register for a resident parking sticker, check traffic advisories, and learn more about parking meters in Boston.

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Subway / Bus / Commuter Rail

Thousands of residents and visitors use the extensive MBTA system of trains and buses to get in and around Boston. Over 300,000 people commute into Boston daily for work. Public transportation via bus, subway, and commuter train serves as a vital link between Downtown and surrounding neighborhoods and the greater Metro-Boston area.

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    MBTA offers riders a variety of options

    The MBTA can help get you from Point A to Point B using subway, train, and bus lines. They also have a trip planner tool and special alert system to let riders know about service interruptions.

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    MBTA Trip Planner »

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  • Harbor Islands Ferry

    Beat the Traffic and Enjoy the Ride

    The MBTA offers Inner Harbor and Commuter Ferry service connecting various destinations around Boston Harbor.  Check out this fun alternative to cars or trains for your daily commute.

    MBTA Commuter Boats »


  • Parking Meters

    The City’s parking meters are in operation Monday throughout Saturday, 8am-8pm. Residents may deposit enough money to legally park for up to two hours maximum.

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