Puddingstone Garden

Ownership: Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Roxbury 

Puddingstone Garden was constructed as part of Augusta Bailey's Roxbury Beautification Program founded in 1961. Her veritable aim was to create little pockets of beauty and color in the heart the menacing 'gray belts' forming throughout Boston. Roxbury was one these areas sinking into degradation and abandonment. The only garden that survived from Mrs. Bailey's program is Puddingstone Garden. Like the vestiges of an old mansion, this site, the most formal urban wild, sits on the corner of Sea Street and Normandy Street with relic stairs and planters. Aptly named, the garden boasts outcrops of Roxbury Puddingstone. Through grants and pro-bono design services provided by the Community Outreach Group for Landscape Design, the site was renovated as a naturalized garden in 2003.