City of Boston Taxi Advisory Committee

Mayor Walsh’s Taxi Advisory Committee is an appointed group of  over twenty individuals comprised of industry and government stakeholders, charged with analyzing, assessing, and adjusting the City of Boston’s current rules, regulations and policies related to transportation-for-hire services. The Committee will seek suggestions from the taxi industry, stakeholder groups, and members of the public to develop a new policy on how the City operates with a diverse and innovative for-hire transportation economy.

Executive Order

Whereas, the taxi System in the City of Boston provides a significant public service and the quality of the taxi system impacts the City's public safety, transportation, tourism, and the economy.

Whereas, in May, 2013 the City commissioned a consulting team to undertake a comprehensive review of the City's taxi industry. The team was charged with undertaking a review of the taxi system's operations and regulations, to assess recent changes in the taxi and for-hire market, and to make recommendations to improve the operations and regulations of the City's taxi system.

Whereas, in October, 2013 the taxi consulting team issued a draft report and it identified prominent issues in the taxi cab industry. To address these issues, the taxi consulting team recommended, among other things, the creation of the Taxi Advisory Committee.

Now, therefore, pursuant to the authority vested in me as chief officer of the City of Boston by St. 1948, c. 452, § 11, and every other power hereby enabling, I hereby establish the: Taxi Advisory Committee.

Full Statement of Mayor Martin J. Walsh

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  • For questions pertaining to the Taxi Advisory Committee please contact our office:

    Chris English, Taxi Advisory Committee Chair

    Mayor’s Office of Intergovernmental Relations

    Boston City Hall, Room 968
    Boston, MA, 02201



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