Consumer Affairs

The Consumer Affairs Division has the overall responsibility of consumer education with the goal of minimizing disputes between consumers and merchants. The Division works in cooperation with the Massachusetts Attorney General's Office on consumer issues, education and complaints.

The Division can help you with a variety of consumer issues. The Division handles a variety of topics including motor vehicles, credit and banking, home improvement, mail order sales, moving, telecommunications and others:

In addition to education, the Division assists Boston residents with disputes (even if the business is located outside of the City) as well as all customers of businesses in Boston. The Division tries to aide the parties to a resolution that avoids legal action. However, the Division will refer parties to mediation programs, arbitration services or small claims court, if necessary. In some cases it is possible for the Division to act as a mediator between the parties.

The Division is here for YOU!

Consumers should contact the Division at (617) 635-3834 if:

  • they feel they have been a victim of a deceptive or unfair business practice,

  • they have attempted to solve the matter on their own with the business,

  • they need additional information to help with a consumer situation,

  • have questions on how to write a letter to a business to request an appropriate remedy to the dispute; or

  • they would like to have copies of the variety of consumer pamphlets and brochures (free of charge).


  • Update to Live Entertainment Hearing Requests

    All live entertainment hearing requests may be scheduled after Boston Licensing Board hearings, while license application is pending at the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission (ABCC). In the interest of public efficiency, establishments should, if possible, be able to pick up both their liquor and entertainment licenses at the same time.

    Also, we welcome any suggestions from licensees regarding how we may better serve our public. It is our intention to make your experience with the Entertainment Division one that is pleasant, professional and courteous. Welcome to Boston! Christine A. Pulgini, Esq. Executive Director

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