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Boston is teeming with opportunities to explore, learn, and admire. A wealth of museums ranging from the MFA to the Boston Fire Museum are sure to delight, as well as galleries featuring contemporary art and inclusive art experiences. You won't have to search long to find the right museum or gallery space for you, whether you're looking for an educational trip with the kids or trying to brush up on your Boston history.

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  • Abiel Smith School (75)

    Abiel Smith School

    This historic space commemorates the history of African Americans from slavery through the abolitionist movement, with a focus on the quest for educational equality.

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  • Boston Children's Museum (75)

    Boston Children's Museum

    Boston Children's Museum is the place to go for kids in Boston. Interactive educational exhibits and staged events promise a fun-filled experience.

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  • Boston African American National Historic Site (75)

    Boston African American National Historic Site

    This site connects many monuments, buildings, and other locations that tell the story of the African American community in 19th century Boston.

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  • Boston Athenæum (75)

    Boston Athenæum

    Founded in 1807, the Boston Athenæum is one of the oldest and most distinguished independent libraries and cultural institutions in the United States.

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  • Artist at Work (75)

    Boston City Hall Galleries

    The Mayor's Gallery and the Scollay Square Gallery showcase individually recognized artists and arts organizations and community groups. The short-term exhibits support art and artists that bolster the Boston community and display its rich creative diversity.

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  • Fire Engine Front (75)

    Boston Fire Museum

    The Boston Fire Museum has occupied the old firehouse on Congress Street since 1983. The goal of the Museum is to preserve and display fire fighting memorabilia from the Greater Boston area, educate and inform the general public on fire safety, restore and maintain the landmark building, and to support the fire service in general.

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  • Open Studios (75)

    Boston Open Studios

    Talk to and buy art directly from the artist, see demonstrations, listen to music, sample area restaurants, and peruse off-the-beaten path retail shops in Boston's historic neighborhoods!

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  • BPL logo (75)

    Boston Public Library

    Free tours of the nation's first public library highlight the architecture of Charles Follen McKim and Philip Johnson, as well as the many works of famed sculptors and painters.

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  • Boston Tea Party Museum (75)

    Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

    Come relive that historic night in the Boston Harbor on December 16th, 1773, when American Colonists took matters into their own hands to oppose British rule. The new Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum is located in the middle of the Fort Point Channel and includes interactive exhibits that will transport visitors back in time to Revolutionary Boston!

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  • Boston University Art Gallery (75)

    Boston University Art Gallery

    Located within walking distance on the Boston University campus, the Stone, 808, Annex, and Sherman Galleries maintain an ongoing schedule of temporary exhibitions that focus on contemporary international, national, and regional art developments.
  • BSA Sign (75)

    BSA Space

    BSA Space is Boston's leading cultural institution on architecture and design, and is also home to the Boston Society of Architects. The BSA Space gallery is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 am-6:00 pm, and on weekends and holidays from 10:00 am-5:00 pm. Admission is free and open to the public.

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  • Commonwealth Museum

    Commonwealth Museum

    The Commonwealth Museum is the state museum of Massachusetts' history and its people. Whether you are a teacher or a history buff, this is a museum for you to visit.

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  • Congregational Library

    Congregational Library & Archives

    Founded in 1854, the library holds over 225,000 items documenting the history of one of the nation's oldest and most influencial religious tradition

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  • Edward Kennedy (75)

    Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate

    The Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate is dedicated to educating the public about the important role of the Senate in our government, encouraging participatory democracy, invigorating civil discourse, and inspiring the next generation of citizens and leaders to engage in the civic life of their communities.

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  • French Cultural Center

    French Cultural Center

    The French Library and Cultural Center is a non-profit organization devoted to promoting the culture and language of France and the Francophone world.

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  • Gibson House

    Gibson House Museum

    Gibson House is the historic house museum of the Back Bay. It is unique as an unspoiled single-family residence that retains its kitchen, scullery, butler's pantry, and water closets, as well as formal rooms and private family quarters, filled with the Gibsons' original furniture and personal possessions.

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  • Historic New England

    Historic New England

    Historic New England is the oldest, largest, and most comprehensive regional preservation organization in the country. It includes Pierce House in Dorchester and Otis House Museum on Cambridge Street.

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  • ICA (75)

    Institute of Contemporary Art

    At a spectacular venue on Boston's waterfront, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) continues to present provocative programs that explore ideas, issues, exhibitions, and images of our time. From Picasso, O'Keefe, and Warhol to Cindy Sherman and Bill Viola, the ICA has been the first to show many of the most innovative and inspired artists from around the world for nearly 65 years.

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  • Isabella Gardner Museum

    Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

    Modeled after a 15th-century Venetian palazzo surrounding an interior courtyard garden, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum houses one of the most remarkable art collections in the world. Special contemporary and historic exhibitions, America's oldest museum music program, and an artist-in-residence program enrich the permanent collection and provide ongoing inspiration for visitors. In celebration of the museum's founder, all named "Isabella" are admitted free.

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  • JFK Library

    John F. Kennedy Library & Museum

    Located on a ten-acre park, overlooking the sea that he loved and the city that launched him to greatness, the Library stands as a vibrant tribute to the life and times of John F. Kennedy. The Museum portrays the life, leadership, and legacy of President Kennedy, conveys his enthusiasm for politics and public service, and illustrates the nature of the office of the President.

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  • Mary Baker Eddy Library

    Mary Baker Eddy Library

    Visit a unique museum, research library, and archive in the heart of Boston. Explore several exhibits, including the world-famous Mapparium, a three-story, walk-through, stained-glass globe. Learn why the museum's namesake is regarded as one of the most influential women of the nineteenth century. And don’t forget to check out varied annual events and school vacation programs for kids!

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  • MA Historical Society

    Massachusetts Historical Society

    The Massachusetts Historical Society is an independent research library and manuscript repository that aims to collect, preserve, and make rare documents accessible to the public to promote the study of the history of Massachusetts.

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  • Museum of Afro-American History

    Museum of African American History

    This museum aims to preserve and accurately portray African American history from colonial times. Here you will find different exhibits and can take a tour of the Black Heritage Trail.

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  • MFA

    Museum of Fine Arts

    From ground-breaking exhibits and state-of-the-art galleries to one of the world's largest Asian art collections, the MFA has something for all visitors.

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  • Museum of Science

    Museum of Science

    This interactive museum is sure to be fun for the whole family! From hands-on exhibits to the planetarium, there is an endless amount of fun to be had.

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  • NE Sports Museum

    New England Sports Museum

    The Sports Museum is located in the TD Banknorth Garden. This museum's aim is to showcase the wealth of sports history New England has to offer.

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  • Nichols House

    Nichols House Museum

    The Nichols House Museum, located at the heart of Beacon Hill, is open to the public as an historic house museum reflecting the domestic life of a typical family of Beacon Hill at the turn of the last century. The museum is part of the historical legacy of one of the most famous neighborhoods of America.

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  • Old North Church (75)

    Old North Church

    This church is the oldest surviving church building in Boston. It is also where two lit lanterns signaled Paul Revere to start his famous ride.

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  • Old South Meeting House

    Old South Meeting House

    Visit this beautiful National Historic Landmark and museum to experience events that shaped the United States or attend a program that helps keep the democratic ideals of freedom of speech and assembly alive.

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  • Old State House

    Old State House

    Discover the wonderful story of the role the Old State House - and Boston - played in the American Revolution. Other exhibitions highlight the collections of The Bostonian Society.

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  • Paul Revere House

    Paul Revere House

    The Paul Revere House has become a national historic landmark as the former home of Paul Revere, who set out on his famous "midnight ride" on April 18, 1775. The home is downtown Boston's oldest building and one of the few remaining from an early era in the history of colonial America.

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  • Trinity Church

    Trinity Church

    Learn the story of Trinity Church's historic building and its fine arts elements, the history of the parish, and the message that Trinity is home to a thriving congregation today in Copley Square.

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  • USS Constitution

    U.S.S. Constitution Museum

    Visitors to the USS Constitution Museum's galleries experience the Constitution's history and the lives of the men who sailed her. Along with artifacts in cases, the Museum's exhibits let visitors explore and experience the ship's history in engaging interactive exhibits that make a personal connection to Old Ironsides.

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  • Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation

    Russell Museum of Medical History and Innovation

    The Paul S. Russell, MD Museum of Medical History and Innovation tells the story of Mass General Hospital through interactive media displays, artifacts, and photographs.

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  • Vilna Shul

    The Vilna Shul

    The Vilna is a destination and a place of learning for anyone interested in Jewish history, culture and spirituality. It is also a unique community venue for concerts, speakers, films and Jewish life cycle events.

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  • Warren Anatomical Museum

    Warren Anatomical Museum

    The Museum's present collection contains approximately 15,000 artifacts and cases including: anatomical and pathological preparations; various wax, paper mache, and dry preparation anatomical models; photographs, prints, paintings, and drawings; medical instruments and machines; and other medical memorabilia.

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  • WaterWorksMuseum(75)

    Waterworks Museum

    The Waterworks Museum interprets unique stories of one of the country's first metropolitan water systems through exhibitions and educational programs on engineering, architecture, social history, and public health.

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  • William Hickling Prescott House

    William Hickling Prescott House

    This house was once owned by the author William Hickling Prescott. Upstairs the museum floor contains Prescott’s study, looking much as it did when he used it every day, and a Federal period bedroom.

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  • West End Museum

    West End Museum

    The West End Museum is a neighborhood museum dedicated to the collection, preservation and interpretation of the history and culture of the West End of Boston.

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