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JP/South/Hyde/Jackson Design Projects

Project Description

The JP/South/Hyde/Jackson Design Projects is a BTD led initiative and community planning process that will develop roadway, intersection and streetscape design plans for construction of projects in areas of Jamaica Plain.  The JP/South/ Hyde/Jackson Design Projects are a part of the larger Centre and South Streets Streetscape and Transportation Action Plan developed in 2010 that proposed a vision to sustain and enhance the unique identity of the area by detailing streetscape guidelines for planning future public and private projects.

Centre and South Streets form Jamaica Plain’s primary small-business and community facilities spine. New concept designs will seek to widen sidewalks, create shorter crosswalks, address congestion, introduce greenery and highlight historic monuments and public art. A key early action was the implementation of bikeway facilities along the entire corridor in fall 2010.

The projects geographic limitations will focus on the design for the areas of Hyde Square, both short-term and long-term streetscape improvements in the areas from: Hyde to Jackson Squares, Monument to Hyde Squares, as well as possible interventions for the area of Monument Square. The project will consider a range of improvements for traffic, parking, pedestrians, bicycles, accessibility, and the overall safety and aesthetics of the streets and sidewalks.

A design budget of $400,000 has been awarded to Nitsch Engineering and Kyle Zick Landscape Architects to take these projects from conceptual to final design, specs and work estimates.

Supporting Documents

Supporting Documents

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