Snow Regulations, Removal & Operations


Drivers should be aware of parking regulations that are strictly enforced whenever a Snow Emergency is declared in Boston during the winter season.

  • No parking on snow emergency arterials.
  • Find alternative parking options in neighborhood garages. 

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Boston property owners should be aware of laws and responsibility regarding snow removal from City sidewalks. Inspectional Services can assess fines for property owners who are in violation of the City's ordinance on snow removal.

  • Commercial and residential property owners are responsible for snow removal from sidewalks.

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Public Works strategically dispatches City and contract equipment across 200 plowing routes as needed. Short public alleys, side streets, and dead ends will be fully cleared by the completion of all snow removal efforts. In clearing roadways, plowing snow across driveways is unavoidable. 

  • Submit Street Plowing Requests via phone, mobile application, or online.

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