Marriage Licenses

Before you can get married in Massachusetts, you will need a Marriage License issued in Massachusetts. An out-of-state license cannot be used and you cannot use a Massachusetts license outside of this state.

Upon Filing a Marriage Intention

  1. Once you file a marriage intention, the Registry Division's Marriage Staff will give you a small white card with your names, the date you can pick up your Marriage License, and the date the license will expire (after 60 days).
    How to File a Marriage Intention

  2. There is a three (3) calendar day waiting period until you can pick up your license. This waiting period includes weekdays, weekends, and holidays, but the day the application is submitted is not included in the three day waiting period.

  3. After the three day waiting period has passed, the marriage license can be picked up in person by you or someone else holding the white card.  You must pick up the license prior to the wedding and have it in hand to give the person performing the wedding before the ceremony.
  4. Whoever picks up the license must verify that all information listed is correct. The license packet will include further instructions for the couple.

What Do We Do With the License?

Bring the original marriage license to the officiant of the wedding ceremony.

To register the marriage, the officiant must complete and sign the license in black ink and return it directly to the City Clerk or Town Clerk that issued the license. He or she must ONLY fill out the sections outlined in the instructions that come with the license. Reprinting a license will require an additional $12 fee.
Marriage Ceremony Information

Frequently Asked Questions

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When can I get my license?
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Office Information

  • Hours of Operation

    Monday9AM - 4PM
    Tuesday9AM - 4PM
    Wednesday 9AM - 4PM
    Thursday9AM - 4PM
    Friday9AM - 4PM

  • Holidays

    We are closed on 11 City-recognized holidays.

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  • Address

    Registry Division
    1 City Hall Square, Rm 213
    Boston, MA 02201-2006

Fees & Payments

  • Marriage License Application

    Fee: $50
    Cash, money order, debit or credit card. Payable at time of filing your Marriage Intention.

  • Marriage License Reprinting Fee

    Fee: $12
    If reprints are needed.

  • Certified Copy Fees

    In Person: $12 per request
    By Mail: $14 per request
    Time of Birth ONLY: $10 research charge

    *Records prior to 1870: Additional $10 research charge

  • Payment Options

    In Person: Cash, check (with ID), money order, credit or debit card.
    By Mail: Check or money order.

    Please make check or money order payable to the City of Boston.

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