Parker Hilltop/McLaughlin Woodlands

Ownership: New England Baptist Hospital - Perpetual conservation restriction held by Boston Conservation Commission 

Neighborhood: Mission Hill  

Parker Hilltop Urban Wild is bordered by Parker Hill Avenue to the north, Fisher Avenue to the south, the New England Baptist Hospital (formerly Robert E. Brigham Hospital for Incurables) to the west, and McLaughlin Playground to the east. As a result of natural succession and limited maintenance resources, the open meadow at this site is transitioning into a woodlot. To the south of this site is a wooded orchard managed primarily by Earthworks Projects. Cement footpaths weave through the orchard allowing easy access for pedestrians and non-motorized vehicles. Parker Hilltop provides spectacular views of the city, ocean, and hills beyond. Neighbors can often be found sitting or playing frisbee in the grassy area below this site.