For years, Boston has benefited from the region's brains: world-class researchers, scholars, and social and business entrepreneurs. Open government provides new models and techniques to deepen and expand these collaborations, with the goals of evaluating existing policies and programs, and helping to craft innovative, effective new initiatives to achieve policy goals.

Exposing Data

We're achieving our organization’s transparency goals, cost-effectively, by streamlining the data publishing process and automating maintenance and updates. Internal stakeholders in any department or agency become data publishers. Administrators manage the organization’s data in one central location, offer constituents a consistent and privately-branded online experience and get real-time data consumption and citizen engagement metrics.

The effort to make municipal data sets available: 

  • provides local developers with the data and services they need to engineer applications;
  • could result in new websites and smartphone applications;
  • supports cutting-edge research; and<
  • makes it possible for us to establish competitions for technology solutions.
Data Boston - City's Open Data Platform

Code for America

Boston was one of the inaugural cities selected for Code for America. Inspired in part by Teach for America, CFA works with city officials and leading web development talent to identify and then develop web solutions that can then be shared and rolled out more broadly to cities across America. CFA fellows developed a suite of apps designed to help Boston Public Schools and the City of Boston with everything from buses to shoveling out fire hydrants.
Code for America
Where's My Schoolbus?
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By working together with other IT organizations, government agencies, institutions, private companies and residents everyone benefits from shared knowledge, resources, costs and data.

Boston Area Research Initiative

The Boston Area Research Initiative (BARI) seeks to spur original research in the greater Boston area that is on the cutting edge of social science and policy. Central to this mission is an overarching effort to forge active and mutually beneficial relationships between the region’s researchers, policymakers, practitioners and civic leaders.

Smarter Cities Solutions for Traffic & Environmental Management

Better Traffic Management: This plan will help our Boston Transportation Department be able to spot traffic problems faster, allowing us to spend more time fixing problems and less time looking for them.
A Healthier Environment: This plan will help us see how our bike, parking and traffic management policies are impacting vehicle usage in the city; with this intelligency, the City will be able to see how it can meet its aggressive climate action goals by 2020

IBM Smarter Cities
IBM Smarter Cities Challenge: Boston Report