Salary Information

We are currently in the process of updating the Salary Plans.  If you have any specific salary-related questions, please contact the respective department.

Salary Plan


CBoston Public Library - Clerical
CCBoston Center for Youth & Families - SEIU L888
CRM2BPD Forensics EXM
CWSCafeteria Workers - Substitutes
DBoston Public Library - Development Office Asst
EDElderly Department SEIU Local 888
EIElectrical Inspectors
FDAFire Alarm
GMayors Office - Clerical
GRIGraphic Communication Intl. - Local 600M
LABoston Public Library - Clerical
LAHBoston Public Library - Part Time
LHABoston Public Library - Half Time
MBoston Public Library - Mechanical Services
MM1Middle Managers - SENA
MM2Middle Managers - EXM
MM4Middle Managers - SENA
MM5Boston Center for Youth & Families - SENA
MNMiddle Managers - NDEA SENA
MOMayors Office - Managers
MPOMunicipal Superior Officers
MP1Superior Municipal Police
MP2Municipal Police Officers
MP3Municipal Police Officers
NNDEA Clerical SEIU L888
NPProperty Mgt Code Enforc SEIU L888
NP1Property Mgt Code Enforc SEIU L888
NPPBoston Newspaper Printing Pressman's Union
NUNDEA Non-Union
PBoston Public Library - Professional Staff
PMManagers Library
PM1Managers Library
RACity Clericals - AFSCME
RA1AFSCME - 40 hours
RHHousing Inspectors
RLCity Clerical SEIU L888
RL1SEUI Local 888 - 40hrs
SCA School Building Custodians
SDSchool Storekeepers
SFSteam Firemen & Oilers
SLMSchool Lunchroom Monitors
SM1 School Management
SPASchool Plant Administrators
SPEPlanning and Eng - SEIU L888
STSBoston Police Department - School Traffic Supv
TGUBoston Typographical Union - Local 13