GIS Basemap Development

The GIS team has taken final delivery of a new set of basemap data layers based on Spring 2011 aerial  digital  photography.  One hundred square miles was flown to gather the imagery.  Planimetric or basemap features collected include street and sidewalk centerlines, building footprints, street furniture, vegetation and open space, and hydrography.  Over 125 separate data layers have been collected.  A GIS data project of this size has not been done since 1995 and the City has seen much change over the past 16 years.  This data will be used to fuel many of the data requirements necessary for both our CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and Asset Management.  All of this data is available to the public.


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See if you can identify these aerial shots taken in Boston

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Video & Multimedia

  • City Officials Impress with Maps at 2011 ESRI Conference

    At the 2011 ESRI International User Conference, representatives from the City of Boston demonstrated the City's use of GIS applications to attendees, highlighting how the applications are being used to engage citizens and improve the City's efficiency and effectiveness.

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  • Storytelling with Maps Award 2015

    Esri Grand Prize winner, for Boston Snow Journal

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  • Technology Solutions Award 2014

    Public Technology Institute, GIS category for BostonMaps

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  • Significant Achievement Award 2011

    Public Technology Institute for SAM, Street and Address Management

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  • Technology Solutions Award 2010

    Public Technology Institute, GIS category for the GIS Data Hub

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  • Special Achievement Award 2009

    Esri for significant achievement in GIS

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