Claims Division

Dawn Beauchesne, Senior Assistant Corporation Counsel

The Claims Division of the City of Boston Law Department handles pre-litigation claims filed by the public, private entities, or insurance companies against the City of Boston. Generally, these are tort claims falling under M. G. L. c. 258, such as motor vehicles accidents, and M. G. L. c. 84, such as defects in the public way.

The Claims Division defends the City in these matters by actively processing and investigating claims in an effort to bring them to a resolution, if possible, before formal litigation is initiated by the claimant. The deadlines mandated by Massachusetts law for filing a claim pursuant to M. G. L. c. 258 and M. G. L. c. 84 can be found on the City Clerk’s webpage.
Office of the City Clerk

All claims should be initially filed with the City Clerk with the appropriate filing fee. Thereafter, the Claims Division handles the remainder of the claim and can be contacted at 617-635-4034 for the status of the claim. The Claims Division will be unable to properly process your claim without the following information:

  1. Detailed Explanation of damages or injuries suffered.

  2. Exact Location of Incident

  3. Date of Incident

In order to process your claim more efficiently, it is also suggested that you include the following when initially filing your claim with the Clerk’s Office:

  1. Itemized estimate of damages and/or receipts

  2. Copy of Police Report, if applicable

  3. Photos, color if possible

  4. Copies of all medical records and bills if personal injury is claimed

The address for filing a claim with the Office of the City Clerk is:

City Clerk, Room 601
Boston City Hall 
Boston, MA 02201

Telephone: 617-635-4601