Auto Shop Application and Fees


To apply for an Auto Shop License, submit the completed application and either mail or submit it in person to:

Inspectional Services Department
1010 Massachusetts Avenue, 4th floor
Boston, MA 02118
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The complete application must include:

  • Auto Shop Application
  • A site plan indicating the location of the dumpster and its proximity to abutting properties or public ways.
  • The location of any required fencing or screening
  • A maintenance plan and schedule
  • A solid waste proposal plan including a copy of the solid waste disposal contract
  • A rodent/pest control contract
  • If dumpster is on a public way, a license from DPW is also required
    Learn More About Street Occupancy Permits »

Renewal & Fees

The initial fee to apply for an Auto Shop license is $50 per location. The Auto Body Repair / Painting License will expire one year from date of issuance and may be renewed annually for $100 per location.

Required Permits


  1. Occupancy Permits: States what and how a building is to be used.
    More Information about Occupancy Permits »

  2. BFD Annual: Required to store flammable or combustible materials in a building; also required for use of torches or spray paint.
    Annual Permit Application

  3. Class II License: Required by the Boston Police Department to sell used vehicles.
    Request More Information from the Boston Police »

  4. Use of Premises Permit: Allows a particular use for open space areas of land, such as parking of cars for the purpose of storage or sale.
    More Information about the Use of Premises Permit »

  5. Workers Comp Insurance: All employers in Massachusetts are required by state law to carry workers compensation Insurance covering their employees, including themselves, if they are an employee of the company.
    More Information about Workers Comp Insurance »

  6. Site Cleanliness License: Every business within the City of Boston needs to obtain a Site Cleanliness license.  Businesses in the City are forbidden from using residential garbage removal.
    Site Cleanliness License Application »

  7. Business Certificate: All businesses need a Business Certificate from the City of Boston. These certificates are renewable every four (4) years from the date of registration with the office of the City.
    More Information about Business Certificates »


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