Habitable Room (150)

Room Requirements - Habitable Rooms

Below is a summarized list of sanitation requirements that are most commonly violated.

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  • Every dwelling unit must provide 150-sq. ft. of total habitable space for the first occupant and 100-sq. ft. for each additional occupant. Total habitable space is the sum of the floor area of the kitchen, living room, dining area and all bedrooms. If there is an area where the floor-to-ceiling height is less than 5 ft., that space is not included in the total habitable space.

  • Either one electrical fixture and a wall outlet, or two separate wall-type electrical outlets practically located at least ten feet apart must be present.

  • Natural lighting (windows) equal to 8% of the entire floor area is required. In addition, 4% of the floor area must be represented in open-able window space.

  • Screens are required on all windows intended for occupants use. Screening season is April 1 through October 30th. Screens are only required on windows on the fourth floor and below.

  • The owner shall provide heat (unless tenant is required) at a minimum temperature of 68 degrees Fahrenheit from 7AM to 11PM. From 11PM to 7AM, temperature in unit may not drop below 64 degrees Fahrenheit. Heating season starts September 15 and runs through June 15.

  • Working smoke detectors must be present in accordance with the State Board of Fire Prevention.

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