Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, learn what is required to meet all housing inspection requirements.

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Heat/Hot Water
What are the required minimum and maximum temperatures for Hot Water?
What are the required minimum and maximum temperatures for heating a habitable room?
Are heating facilities required in every room?
Are screens required on all windows and doors?
Waste Disposal
In a two-family dwelling, who is responsible for providing trash receptacles and placing them at curbside for pickup?
What are my landlord's responsibilities regarding our septic system?
Tenant Violations
What happens when a landlord rents a unit to 3 occupants, and after moving in more occupants are added?
Can a landlord prevent a tenant from damaging their apartment?
Can a property owner file a complaint against her/his tenant(s)?
Tenant Rights
Do tenants have to call their landlord before calling ISD?
Does a landlord have to schedule an appointment with a tenant in order to make non-emergency repairs?
Does a tenant need to have access to the basement?
Who is responsible for the removal of snow/ice in all common walkways within a 24-hour time period?
If a landlord is not aware of all the regulations related to residential housing, do they still have to comply?
Cross-metering of Gas or Electricity
What is cross-metering?
Who determines if cross-metering exists?
Who informs the utility company of the cross-metering?

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