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Below is a summarized list of sanitation requirements that are most commonly violated. Click here for the full State Sanitary Code.


  • Every dwelling is required to affix a number corresponding to the address of the building on the structure and large enough to be visible from the street.

  • The property owner is responsible for maintaining the egress in a safe condition (i.e. free of rust or corrosion, removal of snow and ice). If the egress services only one unit and there is a written letting agreement, the tenant of that unit maybe held responsible for the removal of ice and snow on the egress.

  • Main entry doors servicing more than four units must be self-closing and locking with an electronically operated striker mechanism and associated equipment.

  • Property owner provides working light bulbs for all required fixtures in common areas.

  • If an owner does not live on the premises a sign must be posted on or inside the dwelling, adjacent to the mailboxes, stating the owner's name, address and telephone number.

  • Working smoke detectors must be in accordance with the State Board of Fire Prevention.

  • A safe handrail must be provided for every stairway used by occupants. Every porch, balcony, landing, mezzanine or similar structure that is more than 30 inches from the ground must be enclosed by a wall or guardrail that is at least 36 inches in height.

  • Garbage and rubbish must be stored in receptacles with tight-fitting lids constructed of durable material and lined with plastic bags. In the case of a building containing three or more units, the owner is responsible for providing these barrels and putting them at the curb for collection. In any other dwelling (single-family or two-family) the occupants are responsible for providing and placing barrels at the curb for collection.

  • The owner of any parcel of land is responsible for maintaining that land in a clean and sanitary manner. A property owner is responsible for maintaining the common areas in a clean and sanitary manner.

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