Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Registration of Vacant, Foreclosed and Foreclosing Properties

The drastic rise in the number of foreclosed houses across the City has resulted in homes that are frequently left empty as families are forced to move out. Some of these homes are in violation of multiple aspects of state and local and building and sanitary codes. In an effort to increase owner accountability and because of the difficulty of tracking down the owner or person responsible for the condition of the property, the City of Boston has passed an ordinance addressing these issues. The ordinance requires all property owners of vacant, foreclosed and foreclosing land to be registered with the City. This new registration process will give city agencies the means of contacting those responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of these properties and the tools needed to ensure the property is secured and maintained.

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Why did I get this notice?
Am I being foreclosed on?
I have a vacant apartment, but I pay my mortgage. Am I being foreclosed?
If I have a vacant condominium and I am trying to rent it, do I need to send in a $100.00 check?
What does it mean that I have to register my property for $100.00?
Do I have to register my property with ISD if I pay my mortgage and real estate taxes?
What does the ordinance say about vacant, foreclosed and foreclosing property?
I do not have a computer, how come you did not include a copy of the ordinance with the letter?
How do I get a copy of the ordinance?
Why after all the years of paying my mortgage and real estate taxes did I get this letter in my tax bill?
Why didn't you state on the top of the letter that this letter is only for people in the process of being foreclosed? You scared my elderly father!

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