Use of Premises

The Use of Premises application covers outdoor amenities such as sheds, pools, and new parking spaces that you wish to have on your land, not within a structure. You may begin your application online but plans need to be reviewed in person.

Are you converting your side/front/rear yard space into space for parking or storage? Then you need to apply for a Use of Premises permit.

Examples: Sheds (over 120 square feet require a long form permit), pools, new parking spaces*, or space for sale of Christmas trees or automobiles.

What you need:

  1. completed application;
    Start online

  2. certified plot plan showing how the land will be used;
    Example of Plot Plan

  3. and diagrams showing temporary structures, changes in current use and utilities.

  4. Bring materials (steps 2 & 3) to Counter 1 at 1010 Mass Ave, Building Division. Application be processed immediately if application was initiated online.

  5. *If the space is to be used to parking, a Curb Cut application is  required first from the Public Works Department.
    Curb Cut / Driveway Application

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