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Erect/New Construction Permit

The permit for obtaining a new construction permit is processed at Counter 2, Building Division.

If you are erecting a new building, a permit application requires several supporting documents to qualify for both a Zoning review and a Building Review.

You will need to bring to Counter 2, 5th Floor Building Division:

  1. Filed application (you may initiate online) with a clear scope of work and the desired use of space or change therof;

  2. proper cost for the Complete Construction/Renovation of space (i.e. labor, materials, equipment, HVAC, plumbing, gas, etc.;)

  3. a complete set of professionally stamped plans/documents;

  4. and the following items for a Zoning Review and for a Building Review.*
    Planning and Zoning Requirements

*Having a proper scope, cost, and respective set of supporting documents in the beginning of the process through the initial intake process (Counter 2) should expedite the plans examiner's review of your permit request.

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