Frequently Asked Questions

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When and why did the Massachusetts state legislature legalize casinos?
What is a host community?
How do the law and the state agency ensure a fair process and protect host communities?
What is the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and what is its role?
Who is the casino applicant in Boston and where would a casino be located?
How many jobs would be created by a casino at Suffolk Downs?
What is the process for a casino development to receive a license from the state?
What research and analysis is the city doing?
What will be in the Host Community Agreement?
When will a vote take place?
How will local businesses be impacted by a casino?
How will the developer address potential increases in traffic near the proposed site?
How is the developer addressing environmental issues?
How is the city ensuring that public safety is adequately addressed?
What types of community benefits could be provided by the agreement?
Is there any way to enforce that the owners of a resort casino adhere to the provisions of the Host Community Agreement?
How can I provide input to the City and the Host Community Advisory Committee?
How can I provide feedback to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission?
How can I stay informed of the latest developments and community meetings?