Park Street Church

Park Street Church

Park Street Church, the site of the old town granary where grain was kept before the Revolution, dates back to 1809.  Its 217 foot steeple was the first landmark travelers saw when coming into Boston. Park Street Church is located at Brimstone Corner which may have received its name because preachers spoke of fire and brimstone in Hell to their congregation or because sulfur was stored in the basement of the church.

This Evangelical Church of "firsts" is the location of the first Sunday school in 1818 and the first prison aid in 1824. On July 4, 1829, William Lloyd Garrison gave his first public anti-slavery speech here and two years later, "My Country 'Tis of Thee" was sung for the first time by the church children's choir.

Site Information
LocationIntersection of Park and Tremont Streets
HoursJune 17 - August 31: 8AM - 3PM Tues. - Sat.
ToursSelf-Guided; or provided by the Freedom Trail Foundation

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